Cables for robot applications

Primary cables, control cables, cables for bus systemes and pre-assembled special cables

Further cables robotic application available on request.

Robot primary cable

Primary cables for the most extreme applications. These robot cables are absolutely torsion-loadable and are highly resistant to flexural stresses. They are particularly suitable for automated production processes with 3D movements, such as occur in the automotive industry, general engineering and plant construction.

Robot control cable / motor cable / sensor cable / EMZ cable

Highly flexible Robot control cables motor cables, sensor cables and EMZ cables forxtremely high resilience to mechanical loads. These robot cables are absolutely torsion-loadable and are highly resistant to flexural stresses. They are particularly suitable for automated production processes with 3D movements.

Robot bus cables

Interbus cables, Multibus cables, FO data cables, Profinet-FO and Supply cables for extreme loadings. High flexibility, even at very low temperatures.

Pre-assembled special cables

The cables with this new sheath material cover all requirements for very large mechanical stresses for abrasion, tear resistance, torsion, flexing, flexibility and oil resistance. Using for automation technology, plant and machine construction, fixture construction for handling devices, welding devices and welding tongs, assembly and handling devices, machining production, welding robots and tool machines, blast furnaces and rolling mills. The completely new feature of this cable is the weld splatter resistance without the otherwise usual and required cross-linking process.

Further cables robotic application available on request.


Leading manufacturer and supplier of cables, wires and cable accessories

Cables & Wires made in Germany

Since 1988, HELUKABEL® has been producing more than 340.000 km of wire annually in its own factory in Windsbach, to a high standard. More than 150 highly qualified employees are specialised in manufacturing a large variety of high-specification cables. The cable factory is regarded as a centre of excellence in the business areas of automation, data technology, building systems technology and renewable energies.
We manufacture cables and wires from a wide range of materials in more than 10.000 m2 of production space and meet every possible expectation on modern cable production. HELUKABEL® offers its customers products to practically every standard and regulation. Our range is rounded out by special cables produced to customer requirements.

High-tech Logistics Centre

HELUKABEL® has one of Europe‘s largest automated cable and wire distribution centres. The majority of our 33.000 products are warehoused in the state-of-the-art Hemmingen facility, near Stuttgart. Using the latest conveyor and control technology, the extensively automated distribution centre compiles thousands of “just-in-time” orders daily from over 40.000 pallet storage spaces by 18 rack feeders. The small-piece warehouse is also fully automated, further increasing our ability to fulfill orders for our customers around the world as quickly as possible.

Research & Development

We offer optimal, customized solutions for our customers. The focus is on flexible cables for diverse applications. We develop cables that are exceptionally durable and per-form under conditions such as extreme chemical, electrical and mechanical stress combined with small bending radii and a high number of bending cycles.

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